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JQ's ReefShack LLC

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Make Aquariums Great Again!

We specialize in Coral Frags, Colonies, Dry goods, Marine and Freshwater fish for the home aquarium.

• Live Stock and Coral Stocking • Aquascaping • Tank and Pond Maintenance Services • Saltwater and Freshwater Ponds and Aquariums • Custom LiveStock orders • Acrylic Aquarium and Custom Sump Manufacturer

With over 10 years of experience we offer quality service and products. Want to go on vacation? Give us a shout and rest easy knowing that we will tend to your tanks needs while you are gone with our local aquarium service plans. Want to upgrade? Drop us a line and we will work with you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need something custom or special ordered.
Feeling the itch and need some coral? Come check us out! We add coral and fish weekly. If there's something you need contact us we can add it to our next order and get it in for you. We can also facetime or video chat to show you what we have not added to the site yet. Just ask for JQ!
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Whether it's Marine / Freshwater aquarium powerheads, pumps, skimmers, or chillers let us know. We can usually offer very competitive pricing on all our dry goods. We carry all of your favorite brands such as Ecotech, Aqua illumination, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus, and More.

Make sure to download our android app via the play store for all android devices or check us out here. Check out our Saltwater Aquarium goodies and Dry goods below.

$10 Or Less - Cheap marine coral frags and dry goods $10 or less

17 products

LPS Corals - Large Polyp Stony Coral for the home aquarium | Euphyllia Coral & More

32 products

SPS Corals - Small Stony Polyp Coral for sale | Acropora, Montipora & More

7 products

Zoanthids, Palythoas, Softies & NPS (Non Photosynthetic Corals)

21 products

Saltwater Aquarium Fish - Designer Clownfish, Tangs, & More

7 products

Sea Anemones - Bubbletips, Sebae, Tube & Ritteri Nems

0 products

Inverts - Invertebrates for the home aquarium | Marine Cleanup Crews

6 products

Protein Skimmers | Aquarium Controllers | Media Reactors

18 products

Aquarium Reef Lighting Fixtures & Powerheads - LED's, T5's, & More

13 products

Macroalgae - Saltwater Plants for nutrient export in the home aquarium

3 products

Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Chillers - Control your water temperature for your aquarium inhabitants

5 products

ReefShack Collections - Exclusive Reefshack Products & Dry goods Coral Transport Carriers | Aquarium Controller Holders

26 products

Deal of the Month!

Every month we select products that we will add to the deal of the month section here below. This month we have selected it to be Fully Loaded Frag Pack Deal With Free Shipping! You get a JQs ReefShack Coral Carrier fully loaded with 8 random frags. Get yours today while supplies last!

Want Some Marine Fish for your home aquarium?

Here at JQ's ReefShack LLC we have the healthiest fish out there. We refuse to ship a fish unless it has been observed to make sure it is healthy and eating. We only deal with a few fish suppliers that we trust in order to keep quality great. All fish arrive quarantined and medicated from the wholesaler and we conduct yearly on-site audits to make sure they are keeping to industry standards. Thankfully my wholesalers are able to outperform the standard and go above and beyond to get us healthy fish.  Check out some of our fish we have in stock below. 

We Carry all your lighting needs

If there is something you need that we do not have just let us know. We are working to get more and more items on the site weekly. We also carry Marine and freshwater Aquarium Chillers, Aquarium return pumps, Powerheads, and Protein Skimmers.

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