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Super orange Lepto Coral (Cheeto) Frag - JQ's ReefShack LLC

JQ's ReefShack LLC

Super orange Lepto Coral (Cheeto) Frag

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Aquacultured Super Orange Leptoseris Coral adds marvelous visual interest to the reef display injecting vibrant color and dynamic structure. This species grows either in an encrusting or tiered fashion with an orange coloration. Under the right conditions, this is a fast-growing species. Although it has short tentacles, it can harm other invertebrates touching it.

Usually SPS corals tend to be more difficult to care compared to LPS corals. Once established, though, the Wrinkle Leptoseris Coral is fairly hardy, but requires a moderate light level and strong random currents within the aquarium. Calcium, strontium, and other trace elements should be added to the water for its continued good health.


Size: Frag plug encrusted