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Goldish Mycedium Chalice - JQ's ReefShack LLC

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Goldish Mycedium Chalice

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The so called 'Chalice' corals are a group of stoney corals such as Echinophyllia, Echinopora, Oxypora, and Mycedium to name a few. These corals can be somewhat challenging to distinguish from one another, but all require similar care. The common name of 'Chalice' comes from their shared tendancy to grow in cupping or platting patterns although other growth forms such as encrusting are also seen. They are found in a huge variety of colors, with specimens that display bright contrasts of color between the 'eyes', main body, and sometimes growing edges being the most sought after.
Care Level

Moderate to high. Some members of this group can be very agressive towards neighbors and may even produce sweeper tentacles. Others will likely be the losers if they come into contact with other corals and can take severe damage from stings. Best to take some care when placing these corals.

Lighting Requirements
Moderate to strong. These corals often thrive under very intense lighting, but should be carefully aclimated to it to prevent light shock and bleaching.
Water Flow
Moderate. Provide sufficient flow to prevent detritus from setteling on the surface of these corals.
Tank Placement
Mid range

Water Quality
Relatively forgiving of nutrient levels. Maintain proper Calicum, Alkalinity, and Magnesium level for skeletal growth.

Special Notes
Chalices often have relatively thin skeletons. Handle with care to avoid accidental fragging.