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Rainbow Bottom Sea Anemones are the next big craze!

Hi my name is Jorge from JQ’s ReefShack LLC. We are a online retailer of coral and fish as well as a local aquarium maintenance company in Oklahoma. I am excited to be bringing you some information about a new anemone in the aquarium hobby here in the United States.

Rainbow Bottom Anemones or Anthopleura Fuscoviridis is a beautiful sea anemone collected from japan that is now being imported into the United States. It is a wonderfully interesting anemone that is chalked full of different color varieties.



You can often see them on both coasts of japan, halfway up the main land all the way to the south. They are a shallow water species and they attach themselves between the sand and the cracks in the rocks at depths of 9 to 13 Ft. They are a sub-tropical species but can handle warmer temperatures, but not warmer than 78 degrees.


Like anything new in the hobby, we are still learning about the care requirements but according to Chris from ACI Aquaculture,  they are not much different in care requirements than a rock flower anemone. Chris was, to my knowledge, the only one in the United States to have imported these. Chris says he has imported approximately 110 of them so far.



Rainbow Bottom Anemone Anthopleura Fuscoviridis rainbow bottom

Anthopleura is a genus of sea anemones of the family Actiniidae. Actiniidae is the largest family of sea anemones, to which most common, temperate, shore species belong. Most members of this family do not participate in symbioses with fishes. It is safe to say the Rainbow Bottom Anemones do not either. (Update Video below)


Japan anemones rainbowMidori Sea anemones japan rainbow bottom nem

rainbow bottom nems new

The colors of the Rainbow Bottom Anemone is what makes this anemone so desirable. The tentacles are often pink but there is some variation in color as well. The color of the body varies as well but, it has distinct bright green warts on the body wall. The colors really pop on these guys under actinics but also look great in daylight.




I was so excited about these anemones i ordered some as soon as i saw them. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be one of the few companies able to have these in stock.



******UPDATE ********

Rainbow Bottom Anemone hosting a Black Storm Clownfish

We have a limited supply of them but we do have some available and we ship nationwide for $45 and free shipping on all orders over $250. 

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