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News update about locking Coral carriers

After many months I'm trying to get a fully 3D printed locking Coral carrier I have finally succeeded. It all started with printing out a modified multiplexer for my 3D printer. This enabled me to print flexible filament with a Bowden tube and not have any filament jams. I finally found a brand of flexible filament that is not only easy to print but it is very strong. You can try to tear it or run it over with a car and it would not break. It is also resistant to Boiling which is amazing for a flexible filament to be this strong and reef safe. It made a awesome material to use because it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to print.

I have now started making fully 3D printed Coral carriers the rubber was a good idea but the rubber eventually can rip and tear whereas this new material will not. Not only making my Coral carrier more affordable but also will last longer than any other Coral carrier on the market. I am excited to bring this news and can't wait till I start shipping these new ones out. If anyone wants one of the new ones message me directly as I still have stock in Amazon and eBay for the normal ones.

In other news we have received a bunch of clown fish on our last order they are all designer clownfish. Swing by and check them out as they are all very very beautiful clownfish. Remember to make aquariums great again!


Thank you,

Jorge Quiroz

Owner of JQs ReefShack LLC

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